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FAQ’s Tenants

How do I view a property?

If the property is vacant and we have keys viewings can be conducted the same day (diary permitting). However if the property is occupied we may have to give the current occupier notice.

How quickly can I move in?

The process from viewing to check in takes 3-10 days on average.

What references will I need?

You will complete an application form for our reference agency who will undertake a credit search, an employment/accountants reference, a current Landlords reference (if applicable) and a bank reference.

How do I know if I qualify?

You must meet the criteria of our referencing agents which include having a clear credit history, be able to provide a good Landlords reference (if you are currently renting), have a UK bank account and be in receipt of an annual household income of at least 2.5 x the annual rent.

What happens if I fail referencing?

We will assess the application forms before we submit them to our reference agency to ensure you meet their criteria if you do not meet the criteria all is not lost, you can look at the option of paying a lump sum of rental in advance, or proceeding with a guarantor this would be subject to the landlords approval.

Who can be a guarantor?

Anyone can be your guarantor – they will need to complete an application form and go through the referencing process.  Your guarantor will need to sign the tenancy agreement and will be legally bound by all terms contained therein.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

Between one and two months deposit will be held as a dilapidations deposit during your tenancy. Usually Evans & Company will hold the tenancy deposits within The Dispute Service,

How do I reserve a property?

If you see a property you like, don’t delay – put your offer forward immediately. You will need to read the terms & conditions, complete, sign and return the document to us along with photo ID, proof of your current address and the administration fee.

Can I have pets?

Some landlords accept pets but will often ask for a larger deposit and/or agreement that carpets will be cleaned/fumigated at the end of the tenancy.

How long is my tenancy?

An ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ can be anything from six months to three years. The most common type of contract is a 12 month term, the term will be agreed at the outset of negotiations.

What does my rent include?

Your rent will include maintenance/block management fees, but tenants are responsible for the council tax and all utilities unless otherwise advised.

How do I pay my rent?

By standing order – the rent must be received by the rent due date (the anniversary of your moving in date).

How do I end my tenancy?

You must give one months written notice to end the fixed term as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.

How do I extend my tenancy?

Evans & Company will contact you at least two months before the end of your tenancy to discuss extending the term and drafting an extension agreement.

Do I need to be insured?

The landlord will insure the building may have some contents insurance which will not include your belongings or accidental damage caused by the tenant so we advise you insure your own belongings by having contents insurance which includes accidental damage to protect your deposit.

What happens if I have a maintenance issue?

You will be advised at the start of your tenancy whether the property will be managed by Evans & Company or the landlord, and the relevant contact details will be supplied.

When do I get my deposit back?

We aim to return all deposits within 10 days of check out – but the speed at which this money is returned is intrinsically linked to how the property is handed back at the end of the tenancy i.e the more works required (cleaning, maintenance) the longer it may take to establish final costs etc.

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