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FAQ’s Landlords

How much is my property worth?

The lettings market is frequently changing. Evans & Company will provide an up to date professional valuation taking into account the local market. The valuation should take no more than 30 -40 mins.

When should I start marketing?

We can, and frequently do advertise properties which are available for immediate occupation, but 4-6 weeks prior to the property being available is a good time frame to ensure we find the right tenant at the right price.

Should I offer the property furnished or unfurnished?

There are no right and wrongs as every market place will have its own trends, but typically there is little or no difference in the asking rent whether the property is furnished or not, and often little difference in the likely timeframe for securing a tenant. However the more flexible you are the easier it is to secure the right tenant at the right price.

What do I have to do to get the property ready?

In order to market the property and prior to tenants moving in will need to have the property professionally cleaned, ensure you have smoke detectors on all floors, a CO2 detector within the property in any room with a gas appliance or where flues run through the room, a gas/electricity safety certificate (where applicable), an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and fire safety regulation labels on all soft furnishings (if the property is to be offered furnished).

Do I need to be insured?

You must have landlords buildings insurance cover and it is advisable to have contents insurance cover. Talk to your insurance company or look at the Evans & Company landlord packages.

What is the likely length of the tenancy?

A ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ can be anything from six months to three years. The most common type of contract is a 12 month term, the term will be agreed at the outset of negotiations.

How much notice do I have to serve to regain possession?

Two months (for more information get in touch).

What reference checks are undertaken?

Evans & Company instruct an external and independent referencing agency (Homelet) to carry out a credit search, an employment reference, a bank reference, a current/previous landlord reference, they will also provide tenancy application scores and fraud scores. A final report is available to the landlord for approval before he/she signs the tenancy agreement.

How much deposit is held?

Each market place demands different levels of deposits in this area the standard amount of deposit is between one and two months. All tenancy deposits are held with ‘The Dispute Service’

How/when will my tenants pay?

Rent is due on the anniversary of the start of the tenancy and it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure it is received by this date – most pay by standing order.

What happens if my tenant stops paying?

You (or us on your behalf) should write to tenants every seven days requesting the rental payment up until the point at which they are two months in arrears and you are in a position to serve notice on the grounds of non-payment of rent.

What happens if my tenant is causing damage or nuisance?

These are both terms of their agreement and your recourse would be to serve notice and end the tenancy.

Who pays council tax?

Tenants are responsible for paying the council tax and utility bills. Landlords must continue to pay any ground rent/maintenance charges.

How long does the process take?

From viewing to check in, the process can be undertaken anywhere from 3-10 days.

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